Oceanographic and hydrological measurements on FINO 2

Diagram showing the hydrographic measurement systems and measurements on FINO2

The hydrographic measurement systems are coordinated by the BSH on all three platforms. IOW, partner of the BSH for more than 20 years, has been responsible for the installation and long term operation of the system on FINO2 since 2012. Due to this IOW designed a fitted equipment concept for Kriegers Flak, which meets the standards of strong layers, a high vertical and time variability. The realization consists of a continuous monitoring of the key data at the wind measurement platform including remote data transmission to the FINO-Database. The system was completely developed and transferred into a nonstop operation mode. So far received long term series fulfill the requirements of the construction and raiser consortium and commercial enterprises to full extent and support the offshore wind energy research.

As shown in many workshops the measured salinity and oxygen profiles, the chlorophyll and turbidity dispersion as well as the seastate and current data are essential for the wind energy industry. The accompanied research is fundamental for an environmental friendly construction and the conservation by the construction companies as well as for the environmental decisions done by the federal government.

For further information please visit:  http://www.io-warnemuende.de/fino2-mt-en.html