Safety, Research and Operational Equipment

Equipment Platform operation and safety

  • Energy supply system consisting of two generators (27kVA and 72kVA)
  • Emergency energy supply system with uninterruptible power supply
  • Deck crane
  • Diesel fuel tank system with capacity of 10m³
  • Air-conditioned container for equipment, measurement, data and server technology
  • obstruction marking by lightning (for ships and aircrafts)
  • RADAR BEACON (Racon)
  • Automatic Identification System ( AIS-AtoN ) radio identification
  • Protection against trespassing by online monitoring with motion detector, break contacts, camera systems
  • Remote monitoring of all state parameters
  • Remote data transmission via satellite communication, redundantly configured
  • Advanced first aid equipment including AED
  • Life raft, MOB-buoy and two life belts including hand lamps
  • Fire alarm system and hand-held fire extinguishers

Research equipment

Meteorology (Wind-consult) - Objective:

  • Acquisition and provision of meteorological data
  • Acquisition and provision of lattice-mast accelerations
  • Data evaluation and reporting


Measuring height [MSL] Parameter Sensor
102,5 Wind speed Cup anemometer
99,3 Temperature PT100
99,3 Humidity Hair hygrometer
92,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
91,8 Wind direction Wind vane
90,8 precipitation (intensity) Optical precipitation sensor
90,8 Air pressure Barometer
82,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
82,1 Wind speed Ultrasonic anemometer
72,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
71,8 Wind direction Wind vane
70,3 Temperature PT100
62,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
62,1 Wind speed Ultrasonic anemometer
60,8 precipitation (status) Optical precipitation sensor
60,3 Global radiation Pyranometer
60,3 UV A and B UV A/B Sensor
52,4 Wind speed Cupanemometer
51,8 Wind direction Wind vane
50,3 Temperature PT100
50,3 Humidity Hair hygrometer
42,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
42,1 Wind speed Ultrasonic anemometer
40,3 Temperature PT100
32,4 Wind speed Cup anemometer
31,8 Wind direction Wind vane
30,3 Temperature PT100
30,3 Humidity Hair hygrometer
30,8 Air pressure Barometer

Ecology (IfAÖ):

Objective: ornithological and marine ecological studies


  • Vertical operating radar on northern jib at +35m MSL for detection of bird migration
  • Video systems at +51m MSL on the north and south side for detection of bird migration

Guest Project SOPRANO (IOW including the Partner MPI and IfM):

Objective: Investigate the effect of rising CO2 emission on the marine ecosystem and the gas exchange between ocean and atmosphere


  • Measuring device for determining the partial pressure of CO2 in surface water
  • Pump shaft for sea water intake in range of the boat landing
  • Radar antenna at +25m MSL
  • Weather station in the south eastern corner of the Platform
  • Jib in the south eastern corner of the Platform with meteorological sensors
  • Wave rider-buoy in approx. 150m distance


Objective: traffic related studies and research in the Baltic Sea region


  • AIS antenna at +35 m MSL
  • GPS antenna (RDT-container roof)
  • Radar antenna at +35 m MSL