Platform Operator

Logo of the operator DNV

DNV (GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH) is responsible for the operation of the research Platform FINO 2 since January 2010.
As the operator DNV ensures a safe operation of the Platform. This includes safety and efficiency of navigation, safety of all persons working on the Platform, and third parties as well as safety for the marine environment. In addition, DNV ensures the technical readiness of the Platform, e.g. the proper function of deck equipment (e.g. power supply, data transmission, crane systems), electro technical equipment and safety elements. These are the basic requirements for undisturbed measurement and research operations.

The Platform operation also includes the coordination of all activities on the Platform, the maintenance, repair and inspection activities as well as the work of the staff of the measuring institute on the Platform, such as sample extracting and maintenance or replacement of equipment. As long as the conditions allow, new research projects will be integrated as part of the general Platform operation in the measurement operation. During the project public relation activities are performed, e.g. website, organising and participating in meetings ea..

DNV is the world's largest independent consultant in the renewable energy and offers independent technical and engineering services, products and training in the fields of onshore and offshore wind energy, wave, tidal and solar energy.

DNV has extensive experience in the management of the construction and operation of the research Platform FINO 1, in the execution of the meteorological measurements on FINO 3 research Platform and logistics of measurements in the research project RAVE.


Mirco Kaiser
Project Engineer Offshore
Loads & Power Performance & Wind Resource
Energy Systems