Research Projects

Technical equipment at the FINO platform.

The scientific investigations focused on developing a concept for a multifunctional research platform including the fine conception, particularly in compliance with synergies through the shared use of different equipment by various scientific disciplines.

As a result, a concept for an autonomous operation of the research platform for the realization of interdisciplinary scientific research programs in the longer term operation was developed. To implement the research tasks, the following concepts were developed.

Monitoring of Environmental Radioactivity

On the FINO research platforms, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection operates measuring points for monitoring environmental radioactivity. They are part of a monitoring network of about 1800 measuring points, which serves the radiological early warning of the population.

Meteorological measurements on FINO2

The measurement and evaluation of selected meteorological and hydrological parameters is the main goal of the FINO 2 platform at the site “Kriegers Flak” about 33 km north of the island Rügen.

Oceanographic and hydrological measurements

The BSH, in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) perform oceanographic measurements at the FINO2 since 2013. Among other things, the effects of offshore wind turbines (WTG) on marine physics and chemistry of oceans can be examined with the data.

Ecological Research

There is a continuous recording of migrating birds (day and night) with various methods, developed and/or modified for the application at FINO 2.