Construction of the Research Platform

A construction overview of FINO2 Platform

FINO 2 consists essentially of the following structural steel units:

Mono pile:
50 m steel tube (pile)
conical diameter from 3300 mm to 2700 mm
Wall thickness up to 63 mm
Rammed 25 m into the seabed (plus scour-surcharge)

Transition piece:
Placed and grouted offshore on the mono pile
Length 15 m
Diameter 2800 mm
Wall thickness 40 mm

Platform deck:
Lattice grillage construction at 10 m above sea level
Edge length ca.12.20 x 12.20 m with intermediate supports as space frame
The assembly of deck and transition piece was already performed onshore

Space frame at 2.50 m above sea level
consisting of two jetty constructions with approximately 1.50 x 2.0 m landing surfaces.

Wind measurement mast:
Lattice tower consisting of tubular profiles
pre-fabricated onshore in 4 shots
assembled on platform deck offshore
dimensions at deck: 4.50 x 4.50 m
dimensions at the top (100m above sea level): 0.90m x 0.90m

In several land based processes, the steel structures were manufactured and the equipment was pre-installed. The offshore construction work was divided in two operations. First, the mono pile was driven into the seabed. At the second operation, the complete platform segment was positioned and attached to the mono pile. Subsequently, the assembly of the four-part lattice tower took place.