FINO database

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) is entrusted with the operation of a database for FINO1, FINO2 and FINO3.
The aim is to ensure the recording and storing of perennial measurement series of meteorological and hydrographic data as consistently as possible, for all three Platforms.

The earnings prospects of future wind farms can be estimated by the obtained data. In addition, the loading, fatigue and service life of the technical equipment, as well as the structure as a whole, can be examined. Another focus of the investigations lies on the influence of ocean physics on offshore wind turbines (WTG) and possible changes of ocean physics caused by the WTGs.

Period and number of detected parameters:

Screenshot of FINO database
  • FINO 1: meteorological and oceanographic data (88 parameters)
    Start: January, 2004
  • FINO 2: meteorological data (32 parameters)
    Start: August, 2007
  • FINO 3: meteorological and oceanographic data (71 parameters)
    Start: September 2009

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